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School Of Magic Scripting - FREE Educational Game

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School Of Magic Scripting Game has been released.

You can now learn LSL scripting through a fun and easy game for FREE!

Our goal is to introduce 1000s of people from all walks of life to magic of scripting. We want the general population to become efficient in basic use of scripts. Through a fun game players can learn how to use scripts and participate in a growing learning organization - an exclusive club of Scripting Wizards (invite only group offered at reaching LEVEL 3).

SCRIPTING TASKS are designed to be appropriate for everyone. Everyone is welcome & don't be afraid to ask for help is you need \:)/

For each Scripting task finished a player gains a LEVEL and is rewarded SILVER. Silver can be used to buy useful scripts and a growing number of [SES] compactible products made by fellow scripting wizards.

School of Scripting Magic is part of a fast emerging Silver Economy Simulation Game [SES]. SILVER can also be exchanged into L$ on SILVER Exchange.

To start your 1st scripting task tp to: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Business%20Park/76/77/26

Click on the green Scripting Magic Terminal to receive your 1st task for LEVEL 1. Its FREE! \ ⊙͜o /



The very near future will be full of smart, connected and interactive devices and apps part of Internet Of Things, connected to AI with their own integrated value economy and economic growth that will benefit all the people who contributed by investing into, developing, initializing and bootstrapping such tech-org systems. The benefits of growing value is also shared with early consumers and testers who are equally rewarded for presenting the apps, services and games to other people around them and other communities for fastest and widest adoption. We believe such systems are possible and can lead towards faster economy and value growth of which fruits everyone can benefit.

Silver Economy Simulation Game

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Thank you for supportive words ^-^

If you get stuck at any task just let me know and will help. Or if anyone has any suggestion for improvement or a change I'd love to hear.

Also I am welcoming for suggestion what would you like to learn through the new scripting tasks that will still be introduced for higher levels :)
We are now at level 6 and level 7 still needs to be created.

Happy scripting everyone!

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 1348 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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