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RGB values for new LH interior wall colors

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8 hours ago, Nika Talaj said:


ZOMG!!!   I am a color noob, never been an artist and prolly never will be, so I am hitting the THANK button over and over for your mention of Color Cop!  Coordinating palettes that just appear whenever I pick a color, HOORAY!

My Victorian looks forward to being rescued from the set of 'seems like a nice idea' non-coordinating colors it now sports.

LOL me too! This thread has been very enlightening (oops i think there's a pun in there).


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On 1/20/2020 at 7:45 PM, Sanli7 said:

Sadly, they did not do this for the houseboats, probably for reasons mentioned above about how they made the walls. My alt has a Victorian and i saw that NC in there, went back to look at the houseboat packs - nada. Luckily, i am using a dark color in a small space so with lighting effects, i think i can hide any small mismatch but i would want more precision for a Victorian, yes. I cant wait to see what all you color experts have been doing to your Victorians! 

When I saw 'new LH interior wall colors' in the thread title I assumed it was a question about the Victorians. Sorry about that!

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