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Honesty and Trust in SL Relationships

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For me trust and honesty in SL relationships is what happens in SL.   I have an SL partner we are never going to meet in RL so I am not really concerned about her RL  but what she does and acts in SL.  I am not in SL to find a RL partner but enjoy a certain level of fantasy just like my SL partner is.



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do people lie about their gender or age in sl. of course almost everyone does. do they keep lieing even when in a relationship that maybe is getting serious yes because they are afraid if they tell the truth the person will leave them and then tell others (doxing). 

is it immoral no, for no one has to live by the morals of another person here even if in a relationship of any kind.

so does anyone have to tell the other person, no even if they intend to take it to rl. for maybe after the relationship has lasted long enough the other person wont care if they truly love the person they go to know online. miracles can happen.

will it work out for everyone no, its like dating in the rl, not all work out or were meant to. but doesn't mean you cant enjoy it as long as it lasts.

there are no real morals or ethics about what is done online, its only when it gets person to person in rl that any of those will come into play at that time.

its also why some people end up leaving sl, or creating an alt that becomes their main, to get away from someone to continue the game because their old account was revealed by someone (doxed).

take everything and everyone with a grain a salt and dont set or get or let your expectations get to high about them, no matter how much you might want too.

that guy is girl playing a guy. that girl is a guy playing a girl. that herm is a guy playing a herm or a girl playing a herm. its what they wanted. its their kink or fetish to be something other than what they were born as. is it wrong no. do they have to reveal it no. is someone going to get hurt or upset probably. will they become jaded and no longer trust others, probably. is this bad, no its not. dont believe or trust anyone blindly ever, only fools do that. and only the fools get hurt, the wise dont.

never completely believe or trust anyone on any online social media as being what they claim or show themselves as. if you ask and they refuse to give rl info or even if they do it doesn't mean its real rl info. in today's world is so easy to fake any of it, even video, even voice. even government issued id's. until you meet them face to face in rl in person nothing else matters.

life is a game, love is a game, relationships are a game. there are winners and there are losers its how it works.

traditional morals and ethics mean less in today's world because of the nature of online and virtual reality relationships. never put more into it then you are willing to lose or have to give up or get hurt about if it turns out not to be what you thought was true.

dont expect others to live by your morals or ethics or ideals or concepts or truths or mental constructs about how life should work. most are not going too. get out of your own head thinking that any of your thoughts or views or opinions are more important than theirs. they are not.

in the end dont ever just blindly fall in love with anyone here or anywhere on the internet ever, if you do and get hurt because it turns out to be a lie, you have only yourself to blame at that point.


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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 248 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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