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25 minutes ago, RandR1 said:

what is the secret

buy a newer type...it will not get more support than there is now.

brands .. as you pick this one i think Easthetic by Niramyth will fit you best, that has a lot more support for clothes and other stuff. However, this type of body is a matter of taste, some like it, but a even big group think it walked out of the rainforrest just recently and let the ape family behind there.

Other main bodies are ( but not complete)
Ex Machina


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1 hour ago, RandR1 said:

I can't get any clothes to fit a Tellaq Talisman avatar...what is the secret or what is the best mesh avatar to use...male.

The secret is to buy a demo first, and get different clothes demos and see how it works. This avatar got some very bad reviews on the marketplace too. A search for "tellaq talisman" under Apparel turns up 1 outfit... with 2 reviews, and both say it does not fit.

I know it is too late to tell you, but maybe others who search for Tellaq Talisman get up this thread, so they can stop before they buy.

I also recommend Niramyth AESTHETIC. It is the same style. A search for "AESTHETIC" under Apparel returns over 72 000 hits. Over 3000 tattoos and 1000 skin "faces", armor, rings, gloves and lots of other things.

One downside of AESTHETIC is that you are stuck with the body skin. You only get different facial tattoos. So look close at the body detail before you buy. There are 2 versions, Enzo and Smith. Smith has darker African skin tones.

You have other options if this avatar is too much. But, it will cost you more, because the best supported bodies does not come with a head. The best support is for Signature Gianni and Belleza Jake. For heads, it is Catwa and Lelutka. The heads will cost you 5000 L, and the bodies is around 3000 L. So it is a 8000 - 9000 §L avatar.

There are cheaper options, but you will have to look for things that fit. Like this complete Bento avatar with head, alpha cuts and BoM compatible out of the box. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/META-NEO-FULL-BENTO-MESH-AVATAR/15185588

This is a budget mesh avatar, but the reviews is very positive. It is a slimmer body, so it will probably be your taste.



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Several Tellaq mesh avis, while good looking enough, have had some issues with finding clothing.

I'm happy with my Aesthetic, but it's not for everyone. I've got the muscle mass very toned down. Some (me included) would argue that a new head or a face applier would be... if not necessary, a rather good idea. There are some very good face appliers out there for it at a reasonable price now, and the head is Bento. Clothing is often very template based, but a lot of good stuff available too.

I have friends who are happy with their Adams and Slinks too, and seem to find clothes easily enough. The newest mesh male avis seem to be easiest to find clothes for right now, though.

Edit: Quite a few folks have reported problems with neck matching for 3rd party heads, but there are many very helpful folks in the Niramyth group for such things.

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8 hours ago, Marianne Little said:

One downside of AESTHETIC is that you are stuck with the body skin.

Actually, there are almost half a dozen skin options in the store now, and if you search hard enough, there are a couple third party vendors making skins- though most are simply making face appliers for the 5 or 6 official skins.

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On 1/16/2020 at 12:00 PM, RandR1 said:

(...)what is the secret(...)

The secret is to put in the work.

I'm guessing you liked how the Tellaq Talisman looked and you grabbed it before putting much thought into it, and now you cannot really customize it or even dress it.
Now the bad news is, as far as customizing it or even dressing it you really don't have any options.
The really bad news is, if you want something that you can construct to have a personality and identity you have to buy something else.
The good is, there are no good news, the hard work has just began for you as far as constructing an avatar.

Even someone very good at making avatars will take hours and hours to make a good one, because you need to pick the right parts, the right appliers, and make the right shape, get the right clothes.
The average user will take days if not weeks (might even take months or years of trial and error) to do make a good avatar, that means putting in the leg work, try demos, don't buy anything until you are certain and make sure you really are certain before you do.

It's a steep learning curve, but if you persevere you can end up with a really special creation.

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