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Two of Four - Game

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Cody is stupid, Rolig.

My father told me the story of someone breaking a mercury thermometer in the local high school science room back in the 1960s. They closed the room and brought in huge heaters and an exhaust fan ducted out to the building's roof. They baked the room for two days to ensure that all the mercury had evaporated.

He told this story as I was pushing a little puddle of mercury around in my hand, outdoors.

Decades later, I read of the death of Dr. Karen Wetterhahn. I had no idea dimethylmercury was so toxic. Fortunately liquid elemental mercury on your skin, briefly, isn't terribly dangerous.

I don't know precisely what risk Cory was taking, but I sure wouldn't take it.

ETA: I don't know who's buying them, but mercury thermometers and tilt switches are still readily available on Amazon.

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37 minutes ago, Madelaine McMasters said:

Cory is stupid, Rolig.

Definitely. Despite the fact that mercury has a high surface tension, is does vaporize enough at room temperature so that at equilibrium vapor pressure there should be something like 15 mg/m^3 of vapor in the air over the liquid. It's odorless, so you get no warning that it's in the air.  OSHA guidelines set the maximum permissible exposure limit at 0.1 mg/m^3 and NIOSH rates vapor pressures above 10 mg/m^3 as immediately dangerous to life or health. The liquid is not easily absorbed through tissues, but inhaled vapor accumulates in the blood stream, potentially causing heavy metal poisoning.  Mercury is not a toy.

Anyway... On with the game....

Stupid is sometimes fatal.

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typos. as always.
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2 minutes ago, Madelaine McMasters said:

Life is always fatal.

Reminded me of a good friend I had in highschool who had a saying something like, "We are doomed to die a deadly death"

Anyway. . . um. . .

Fire is always hot.

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