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Can you revoke debit permissions?


Don't ask why I want to revoke debit permissions but im wondering how you remove debit permissions that you have previously accepted, is there any way to do that?

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Of course, if you gave that permission to someone's scammer object, and it then disappeared, it'll be pretty hard to find out where it went.  Try using World/Area Search to look for it in the region where you rezzed it.  If you can't find it, the next best thing is to file an Abuse Report with LL against the object and the person you got it from.  Also, if you can, transfer any $L in your account to the account of an alt to prevent further "withdrawals" until the matter is investigated and resolved.

Note that simply de-rezzing an object does not entirely remove the threat.  If it's ever rezzed again from your inventory, it will still have the debit permission.  Nuke it from orbit...it's the only way to be sure.

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