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Strawberry Linden

Second Life Hat Challenge

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January 15th is National Hat Day and in honor of that, I figured it would be great to show off our favorite hats in Second Life. 

Strawberry Linden - #SecondLifeHatChallenge

Participate in the Second Life Hat Challenge and share an image of your Second Life avatar wearing a hat! 

If you decide to post this on any social networks, don’t forget to use the hashtags #SecondLifeChallenge and #SecondLifeHatChallenge and if you like, #NationalHatDay. You can also add your images to the Second Life Challenge Flickr Group as well as the Official Second Life Flickr Group

P.S. here are more Lindens participating in the #SecondLifeHatChallenge

Wendi Linden - #SecondLifeHatChallenge

Evie Linden - #SecondLifeHatChallenge

Derrick Linden - #SecondLifeHatChallenge

Constantine Linden - SecondLifeHatChallenge.png
Constantine Linden - #SecondLifeHatChallenge

Rider Linden - SecondLifeHatChallenge.jpg
Rider Linden - #SecondLifeHatChallenge

Volo Linden - SecondLifeHatChallenge.png
Volo Linden - #SecondLifeHatChallenge

Guendoline Linden - SecondLifeHatChallenge.png
Guendoline Linden - #SecondLifeHatChallenge

April Linden - SecondLifeHatChallenge - 2.png
April Linden - #SecondLifeHatChallenge

Lettie Linden - SecondLifeHatChallenge.png
Lettie Linden - #SecondLifeHatChallenge


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Adding more Linden images!
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Complete with bad costume poke-through (yes, fixed)😅


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The business of defending out beloved continent of Sansara often calls for the wearing of hats - here's me in Jeogeot for the United Nations Jeogeot Observation Mission wearing my blue beret.


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2 hours ago, Lacie Linden said:

Is it a hat? Or Is it a bunny?


The answer is: yes!



I agree, it’s fun how so MANY things can ‘become a hat’ in SL...if you’re so inclined. 🤣🐰

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I don't wear hats as a general rule since I never seem to have any "hat hair" that will work, but I do love this (ancient) Voodoo hat!



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