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I would like a friend.

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I'm struggling looking for easy to follow and understand tutorials, with (and this is key) Someone using updated software for building with and exporting to SL. 

I'm looking to just  befriend someone who does it currently, and gain access to a discord where  we can swap  information from time to time when we hit walls. 

I joined about 6-10 groups in SL,  and all are relatively non responsive, which is fine. Nobody get's paid to run  support here... but I would like a  friend like minded who enjoys building mesh, animating or rigging it. 

Disclaimer:  Before I get responses back I would like  to give a list of things I have already tried that have failed me and or are not without a mountain of time wasted and/or aggravating to follow and listen to, this list is not intended to personally attack anyone, but I  know some of you may take offense because these  people are pillars in the community. I'm sure they are lovely people but if I have trouble, then I'm having trouble... that's just facts. 


1. Mayastar plugin:  I bought it, and there is little to zero support for  learning how to use it. Tutorials for it are outdated software, and you have to filter through many to hear information (for many hours) to learn things don't match up. I am getting errors even with a fresh scene using this plugin. I have dropped a support request, I have watched the tutorials. This has been very unnecessarily laborious.  Reaching out to the group  for it has resulted in nothing.  Listening to 45 minutes of giggles, Okay, So, and Ums.. till I want to rip my hair out.. 30mins to tell me to click one button.. If I sound upset... I am.   Even a written note card script would of been better than these video tutorials.  That's great if YOU had a better experience... awesome.. but it has not been =my= experience. 

2. Youtube  & Google: Before you say these are your best answer for me.. Yes, I know how to use them.  Again,  outdated or irrelevant currently. Or I simply have not found that one magical tutorial that explains it. I'm not trying to sound like a jerk.. I just don't want someone to feel the need to post the most obvious answer and feel like an Eisenstein.  If you actually got help from a video series I'll shut-up and pay attention to it, just slap me the recommended list. I am passionately willing to learn it. I just want someone who can teach. 

3. You got glitter bombed. 



Do you make mesh? Want to add me and be mesh making buddies?  Please send me a message. I swear to god I'm not a jerk.. I'm just exhausted with bread crumbs and need a meal. 

Autodesk Products: Maya,  Mudbox etc. Substance Painter and Adobe  Software. It's not help with the software I need, it's help  understanding making things compatible for SL with updated software. 



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Well, you see... Your post screams out to be wanting a tutor for free basically, when all the Rigging information in Maya are already out there. Mayastar as a plug in doesn't need to be learned really, it provides a set of tools to simulate what happens on the avatar in-world. I switched from Blender+Avastar to Maya+MayaStar some time ago and I don't regret it, as the learning curve went from high to flat. Just rig like normal, with no caveats due to the plug in, test the deformations using the built in animations and the shape sliders and when it's all good, export. Done. It is so straightforward and unobtrusive in comparison to Avastar for Blender, that you just need to learn plain Maya according to the weights limits that second life wants and it all goes smooth... But I guess that's the issue for you, you don't know how to rig in Maya.

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