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Getting a perfect match requires a number of things be just right. Since one of the factors is in how the designer made the seams for head and neck it may not be possible.

Start with lighting. Set your Windlight to CalWL or one of the Optimal Avatar or Skin choices. This will minimize the problems from the SL lighting system. Also, enable ALM.

Clear all the materials settings from body and head. You can add them back later. From the image, I think the body has a material applied and the head doesn't. That is likely the ccause of mismatch.

Make sure all tints have been removed from the head and body.

Hopefully you can use the same skin on head and body. If not, you'll have to tweak the TINT until you get a match. It is tedious and requires some knowledge of color in computer systems and a bit of skill.

If you can use the same skin on head & body the seam should disappear. However if it is still there, it may just be the neck seams aren't that well matched for that head and body. Several head and body makers make adjustments for that problem. Look through your HUDs for something to adjust neck size.


Matching head and body is a common and persistent problem. It seems no matter how well you match them in some lighting the seam shows up. I used to wear collars to hide the mismatch in various lighting. BoM has greatly reduced the problem. My Slink Redux and GA.EG Jennifer head with a YS&YS skin make the seam invisible.

Happy New Year 2020


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