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Hi.  This might be a dumb question, but I'm wondering if there's a way with AVsitter to have two animations running on one pose or sync. 

For example, if I'm running a sitting pose...but I'd like to add a different arm pose (JUST the arm) to the existing sitting animation.

I'm guessing clearly there must be given you can run bento facial expressions and hand poses with them, but I'm just missing it and can't seem to find out HOW.

Appreciate any help or advice.  Thank you!

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You cannot. The only way is to have a separate animation script (to run the second animation) that is able to parse the AVpos notecard and play the second animation name with that POSE or SYNC name come's up, and know which sitter to apply it to.

This can be and is being done by others, such as [Black Tulip].


Note that this creator's tool comes with these hand poses (and that is what they are marketing it as) - but what it really is is a scripting system that will allow you to do what you are wanting to do as you can use your own animations with the system. Note that even though the system is full permissions, the "setup tool" is not and so you will want to purchase the system on the account where you do your AVsitter creating.

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That makes sense.  Thank you, Alyona!  I'll definitely be looking into it...but I came up with a work-around for now, which I think essentially is the same concept.  I wanted the extra animation to accommodate an attachment.  So I basically just made the attachment itself animate on attach.  Gave me the same result.  Trick is to meet the right priority.

Thanks again!

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