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Decade Challenge

Strawberry Linden
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Burst in here as a redhead and for the most part have remained a ginger!  Got a gift of Slink hands in 2015, then along came a mesh body in 2018, then mesh head in 2019, woohoo!  So glad there is no more of that impossible-to-match feet thing although I've yet to create an absolutely seamless neck to body seal.  What can I say?  We're all so much more "us" ... or were we more 'real' in our rough shapes? lol  I've also played with being a fox, a cat, a raven, an aardwolf, a large caterpillar, a multi-breasted singing alien, Cheshire kitty, terrifying killer clown, a proper Victorian lady, Eve au natural, a mermaid, a cyborg, several Red Queens, and very briefly, a 7 year old.  (She threw a tantrum and is still on a time out).  Next up ... maybe a Dinkie :D

Decade collage.jpg

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I joined Second Life in February 2015, so coming up for a half-decade. But enough time to go through a lot of changes!

First pic is from summer of 2015, when I was still a human avatar, rocking the standard body but with lots of customisations. The corsetry, gloves and boots from Rosal were my biggest purchase to date at the time, almost as much as a mesh body!

Second pic is from end of 2019, after I'd finished tweaking my current look to work with Bakes On Mesh. :) All mesh now, Maitreya body, GA.EG head, braids from EMO-tion, ears & antennae from Stargazer Creations, skin from Lumae (now closed down, alas), spots from Tigerpaw, and make-up from Dotty's Secret. :)



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6 hours ago, JMB Balogh said:

I cringe at my 2010 raw photo.  I obviously didn't have a clue how to edit my chin. LOL .   The 2020 is also unedited. 


Photography has come a long way in ten years. Back when I started photo editing was essential, now days I just go with raw shots. 

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2009, about 15 days BEFORE my rez-date, on my old account, that had only been used a few times before in 2006 with no images made:

RezDay 2009

- The day I put that outfit on I realized I was going to be a neko, and it just took me 15 days to get the name 'Catnap' to show up...

2019, about a month ago:

This is a modern version of what I wore on my first rezday in 09

- essentially the same theme outfit, updated. One piece carried forward (the game controller on my leg).

This is the closest I think I have to a decade - mid-2009 to late-2019


Actual images taken in 2010 for me are... rare:



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On 1/7/2020 at 3:18 AM, Lillian Llewellyn said:

So much has come and gone over the years. No longer do I haunt Freebie Warehouse for everything from skins to clothing and hair.

These days, Im taking a break from roleplay, which Ive done since I first rezzed in, and Im exploring Secondlife as there are so many sims to visit.

April 15th 2009 - January 7th 2020

Lillian Decade Challenge


Oh I had that hair!!  Was a favorite.

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Love the idea of having this challenge in Second Life, and I really love seeing everyone's pics!

My first days are from 2011. Even though I had been on other virtual worlds before (most notably PlayStation Home) I remember the first time I realized/actualized bringing my real life to "life" within Second Life. Man, I was so proud of my Leather Induztry gear! 😮

For this challenge I went back to the same location (255,105,78) where Leather Induztry used to have their store. I'm wearing my Legacy body with BOM, LeLutka Guy head, and I have the same outfit on (minus the glasses; couldn't find those!)

Awesome challenge Strawberry....THANK YOU for the memories this provided! 😮

Here are my photos. First image is from 2011, and the second is from today.


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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 590 days.

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