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Komm nach Berlin der 20er jahre!

Jo Yardley
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Berlin, 1929 rollenspiel.

Unter den Linden, Brandenburger Tor, Alexanderplatz, 20er jahre Deutscher musik, tanzen, 20er jahre Deutsche Cinema, Hotel Adlon, Eldorado gay bar (noch nicht geöffnet), Zeppelin fahrt, und mehr!

Wir sprechen English aber auch Deutsch.




1920s berlin project poster.jpg






Berlin Alexanderplatz station

Cars on Alexanderplatz


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This is a very nice idea. Unfortunately, as a native German speaker, it is very obvious that this sim wasn't created by anyone actually knowing German. This makes it kind of cliché. Maybe you could team up with one of the very talented German creators und make it more authentic.

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We had to make the sim functional for the many visitors who don't speak German.

There are German language classes at the school but most of our visitors are not German and still need to understand the notes, signs, messages, etc.

But feel free to send me a notecard with suggestions and tips.

And of course you have to work with not a lot of space and prims, the sim is based on a 1920s map of the same area but you just can't build it the way you would like to build it.


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Oh yes, I hate dubbed movies as well.
My family is German and I've spend too many evenings getting annoyed at the dubbed movies during my visits there.

But if you make a roleplay sim in stead of just a reconstruction, the sim has to be functional for everyone, it is a busy sim, all the apartments are permanently rented (60+) but most people are not German and some of the shopkeepers bring their own signs and you cant always demand them to totally remake their stuff.

I have been trying to replace more signs and add more German where I could.

We do have many German visitors, even one who claims to have memories of Berlin before the war, but by posting in this part of the forum we hope to get a few more Germans to come visit, take part in the roleplay, become part of the community, or just walk around to let me know where I can improve the sim ;)

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Sorry über die späte Antwort.

Jeder SIM ist irgendwann im Laufe des Tages leer.
Wir sind ein Rollenspiel SIM und haben eine starke Gemeinschaft.
Viele Leute!
Aber wenn Sie kommen früh in den Morgen-Menschen sind im Bett.
Leben in Berlin beginnt in der Regel um 01.00 Uhr PDT.
Kommen Sie zurück zu einer anderen Zeit und sehen Sie eine andere SIM.

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