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Loralai Enyo

Magic Moon is Hiring

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Magic Moon is currently hiring DJ's, Dancers, Hosts/Hostesses, and Region Security. We are gearing up to open our club and region wide hangout(currently public access) and are looking to hire new staff to fill our slots. The Club will be open from Noon to Midnight SLT. This is an ADULT region, you must have been age verified. Interested residents may apply by picking up an application at our landing point here  Magic Moon - We're Hiring, Magic Moon Forest (133, 111, 21) - Adult


Applicants should review the following: 

  • Avatars MUST be mesh. No classic, prim, or other avatars/clothing
  • Applicants must be comfortable with nudity, sex, and sexual themes going on around them
  • Applicants should have three groups available.(required for Hosts and DJs)

Please review our Regions rules for an idea of the environment you will be working in.


  1. Zero Tolerance on Discrimination and Discriminatory behavior. All species, genders, colors, and walks of life are allowed within the region at ALL TIMES. 
  2. Adult content and activities including; stripping, nudity, streaking, sexual intercourse, descriptive sexual conversation and further adult contents are allowed in all parts of the region and not restricted. (please keep emotes to IM in the club during club hours)
  3. Wearing items that cause excessive lag should be avoided. Removing resizer scripts from hair, jewelry and other accessories is advised. You will be informed if your accessories cause excessive lag.
  4. Macro Avatars are not allowed, as these cause excessive lag and tend to crush the poor unsuspecting normal sized people visiting the region. Be kind and downsize. 
  5. Do not enter private parcels, skyboxes, and homes without owner permission. Security orbs have been dispatched to assist with resident privacy.
  6. ABSOLUTELY NO CHILD AVATARS - anything appearing to be a child avatar will be asked to change, failure to change or respond within 60 seconds will result in a permanent ban. 
  7. Greifing, trolling, abusing of other residents or the region is not allowed(this includes telling people to stop having sex in public)


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Hi am Raheim and I am 21 years old, I would like this job being a DJ. So I could get L$ and get a house.


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