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So I recently got a notification that someone had purchased my product. And when I went to go read the email, I noticed that the price of the marketplace commission had went up! Isn't the percent of marketplace commission 10%? Is there a new policy I don't know about? When I sold my product for L$750 dollars before, the commission was L$38 that they took away which leaves me with L$712. Now that I am looking, I have put up the same price for my product which is L$750, and now the commission is L$75 which now leaves me with L$675. Can someone please help, I'm confused.

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11 minutes ago, iForgetz said:

 Is there a new policy I don't know about?

if you don't follow the announcements it could be you don't know about it.

the fee was first 5% (38 L)
now it's 10% (75 L)


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3 hours ago, iForgetz said:

Thank you, i'll be sure to check in more with the announcements 😂 I had no idea.

You can "Follow" a blog so that you get notifications - here and/or email, based on your settings - whenever they add a new post.  


Go into the specific sub-section you want to monitor (categories on the left) and click Follow in the upper right of the blog:



To define how you get notifications, click the arrow by your name at the very top of the Community pages, right side.  Click Account Settings.  On the new page, click Notification Settings under Other Settings.


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