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Looking for an Asian skin and shape (new here as well so i might get terms wrong.)

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So far other than the catwa head and an older skin I can't seem to get really fine angular but small features to finally complete my avatar. I thought I had it with a newer lelutka head but the one head that might have worked had a stronger limitation on mouth width thus too wide for my tastes. I probably bought every demo of every head and skin I could find. They all have the big thick  eyebrows and if you get izzie's brows which look good in the pics they aren't quite the detail of some of the other brows.

I wish I could find a skin that had some thing nicely angled Taylor Swift brows (but not her nose) and no weird shading or big looking features (other than eyes I suppose) for a catwa head. Even when you reduce sliders down to lowest numbers some skins just have this painted in fat nose tips or over the top upper lids even with eye crease at 10 it's too much and it looks like I have 3-4 upper eyelids. Reducing it via messing with the brows themselves makes cat liners distort. It's a mess! I've been in disarray for months now over this. I  think catwa is the way to go where I get the pointed nose, no chub cheeks or fatty nose tips or the puppet creases on either side of the lips a lot of genus have I mistakenly bought, but it's hard to find a newer hq skin and makeups for catwa AND get those thin, similarly angled Taylor Swift brows.

I've tried deetalez, ysys, amara beauty (probably my fav but still weird steel wool brows), pink fuel (too old now), tres bleu or whatever, mila, skinnery, itgirls.  pumec, insol, not found ... not sure what else I am missing. 

Anyone have any suggestions?

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Lol erm as an Asian woman myself I don't actually know what to say here haha but to put it nicely what you are showing and saying there is Blasian...at best. Slanting eyes and making them huge is not

Which nationality of Asian do you want? In RL we can often make a good guess by facial features alone, whether Korean, Japanese, Chinese, South-Asian and so on. As @Gwin LeShelle suggests, the Genus i

and where's your suggestion? .. a bit cold to flame someone else who tries to help, without giving better advice yourself.

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On 6/9/2020 at 3:06 PM, MelodicRain said:

It's sad what non-Asians think Asians look like. I guess most people in this thread are still stuck in the pre-2000 days where Disney's Mulan is supposed to represent what Asians, especially East Asians, look like.

As an Asian myself I can say only one image in this entire thread even remotely resembles what regular, somewhat pretty, Asian females look like. Go google some pretty Asian women from the 21st century, it's not that hard, especially if you're after a C/K/J-pop or movie star kind of "artificial" look.

I'm just curious, what image was it?



On 6/16/2020 at 11:27 AM, Amikomi said:


i made new account to try realistic asian look on this avatar but i learned it is very difficult to do in  second life because no mesh head s or skin is offering mono eyelid i tried a lot and searched alot and have not find much! but on flickr i saw one girl now



how to find out what head she is wearing and whats skins name.

Do you have the link to this person's Flickr?

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For anyone who wants something that's not Disney and not anime, it's worth looking for the specific nationality you want your avatar to appear (Korean, Vietnamese, etc). Not much to choose from, so look for something you can modify slightly. For me the big selling points are the eye and nose shapes, because face shapes can be modified in other ways. Note: some heads are better than others at allowing a "flat" face shape without going all hamajang.

There isn't much for me that looks at all kanaka maoli, so I went with a Lelutka Nuri head, added a Jael "Eve" shape, then modified it. Final touch was adding AD's "Maritza" hair in dark browns. Still hapa, but closer 🙂  

Several friends have Genesis heads, because Genesis do shapes like Mieko and Fei that are at least vaguely close to what they wanted. Then the shape can be modified for individual preferences. Another friend has a Vista Emily head with the Ryo shape, and that works really well for her. Titta gets the boys.

Gotta admit, I'm pretty horrified by most items in SL Marketplace described as "Japanese." I don't know what those sellers have been smoking but they have definitely never seen a Japanese person.



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