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Prokofy Neva

Why Does This Weird Thing Happen?

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I don't mean to be coy, but I honestly don't know how to describe this weird thing, and why/where it happens.

So you know how when you usually log on, there is a flood of IMs, notecards, landmarks, even content coming in. There is for me, anyway, with various customers and friends and all kinds of people sending stuff.

I don't believe in the "my messages cap" excuse because if you link your SL account to an outside email address, the messages generally come in there and you can set your phone to see them if you're out, for example.

Yet, there is something about how things get trapped or don't come in, because here's the thing.

Sometimes when I log in, "There in the sudden blackness, the black pall. Of nothing, nothing, nothing -- nothing at all."

If I see on my accounts page that somebody sent something, and I log in and there is nothing, I vaguely wonder, "Now what is that thing and where is that thing?"

And here's what I discovered -- by accident. If I reach out and block something -- then unblock that thing -- suddenly, all sorts of messages, notecards, and content come flooding in.

And I see there WAS in fact all this stuff.

I have to remember to UNBLOCK that thing I just blocked so I don't face problems from it later (like a rental box). But I have now literally done this trick hundreds of times for years now, and it occurred to me to ask WHY since it seems to be happening so much lately, i.e. log-on, nothing, then block, then unblock -- and a flood.

Why would these seemingly separate actions be connected or trigger one another?

And the thing you block and unblock doesn't matter -- it can be anything, your object or someone else's.

BTW this also works if you have blocked a person, and then sometimes unblock them (you may have blocked them accidentally or can't remember why you blocked them). Suddenly, all the messages and notecards rush in.


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Posted (edited)

This might be in the same category that we've segued to at the tail end of a scripting thread about functions jumping about, I experience a similarly aperiodic loss of and sudden regaining of touch-actions on a parcel monitor. It doesn't work as anticipated and then after some time, all the actions from the repeated clicks pop up in a rush. It's not demonstrable so I can't file a Jira or even do any sensible testing on it. It's on the top of my keep-an-eye-on-it list right now.

All I can suggest is keep recording each incident, what didn't happen, what then did happen, what other things you might have done that released the floodgates. After a while something might just emerge.

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Well, Profaitchikenz (you almost sound like a cousin of mine), I know what works on this because literally I've repeated it hundreds of times. If you see nothing coming in when you log on, reach out and block/unblock something, it floods in. That is the mechanism. Why or how, I have no idea. THAT it does work that way I can swear 100%. It never fails. If there is nothing there upon log-on, it works probably 95% of the time, and when it doesn't, it's merely because no one happened to send you anything.

So I'm suggesting that others who experience this strange "no messages" thing try this trick. The only downside is you do have to remember to unblock that thing. Sometimes the rush comes in merely from blocking; sometimes from unblocking. When it comes from blocking, in your eagerness to see all those messages and landmarks and whatnot, you might forgot to unblock that thing and then wonder later why it isn't talking to you.

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