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Seeking character connections

Bronwyn Breen

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I'm wanting to open up my character's story and add to it through a combination of SL, Twitter, and Discord RP. 

There is some established info about her NPC family but I would be open to adding family members. 
Friends; of any kind, but a close-knit friend group would be fun to build. 
Rivalries, enemies, Stans, overzealous fans, stalkers, creepy guy from down the hall. 
Talent scouts or projects to get involved in. 
Volunteer work. 

A bit about her:

  • Faithe "Fay" Winters
  • IC Twitter: @Faithewinters
  • 22 (23 in Feb) Aquarius
  • Student: does correspondent course work for interior design. 
  • She works from home managing remote office assistants and offsite office/reception needs for businesses and freelancers.
  • She models, but thinks of it more as a hobby than having any career aspirations in the industry. But she is always open to more work. She just doesn't have a head for chasing down jobs. She takes them when they come to her. 
  • She has a similar relationship with her music. She has a heavenly voice and has never met an instrument she couldn't at least figure out. But aside from just uploading online for fun, and having some songs on iTunes, she is not very savvy about the business side of music and thinks that it would probably ruin it for her anyway. 
  • Fay is genuinely kindhearted and warm with a bubbly cheerful nature despite her reserved streak and is a living juxtapose of being innocent and sweet and being sexy and vivacious.  She is always incredibly oblivious about how people see her, though. 
  • Her mother is dying so she is stuck in Louisiana taking care of her for the time being. But she is originally from the Pacific Northwest. Portland, Oregon specifically. 
  • She makes the best weed cookies, maybe ever. 
  • She is trying to find herself after a mentally and emotionally abusive 2 year relationship that also ended in the discovery of betrayal from not only him but from her best friend and their entire circle of friends so she is trying to move on from that and rebuild. 
  • She is a gentle, highly empathic creature that hates confrontation and has a highly submissive nature. She fuels herself by taking care of the people around her and volunteering. 
  • If every friend group could be sorted into a video game party she would be the healer every time; supportive, caretaker sort, with some solid first aid skills. 
  • She has a highly repressed interest in women that she can admit but doesn't know what to do with so she ignores it and squashes it down.
  • Fay has a unique swirl of self confidence and self deprecating humility. 

Modern/urban realistic rp. I can match any third person style from a few lines to multiple paragraphs. Longterm story is ideal. 
I'm willing to hear most any idea really. Let's see what inspires us and brainstorm a way to build a connection. 

Interested in talking out some ideas? Let's chat. Here, in world, or DM me on her twitter account. 


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48 minutes ago, Matty Luminos said:

This is absolutely the best and most detailed character description I have ever come across on this forum.

You're making me want to rustle up a character of my own to be her friend...

Completely agree!! Can't really offer any ideas at the moment, as I am struggling myself with my RP story and what I hope to find & be involved with. But you've piqued my interest for sure! 

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 621 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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