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Searching for an ambitious Business Partner/SIM Designers!

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I am currently looking for a possible business partner and SIM/building designers.

This is going to be a ground up concept that I wish to build up on with a business partner and I plan on taking care of majority of the expenses including the SIM purchase when we are ready to start building!

I am very ambitious (not in a nagging way!) and hope my partner to be as well!

Some things I want to touch but not limited to are:

- Fully themed SIM

- Professionally built/designed structures throughout the entire SIM

- Residential area in accordance with the theme - possible sky houses if we deem necessary!

- Community/Event area - could incorporate the current trendy gacha events or community based events

- Maybe RP environment if you are knowledgeable in that area

These are just outlining things I want to address so anyone who is interested have a vague idea of what I wanted to accomplish together.

Of course, all of these are not set in stone.


Please send me a message in SL and let's accomplish our grand dream together!!!!!!

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Hi Mochiai,

I'm interested in your venture and I have some ideas about a themed sim. My background is in modeling using Blender and 3d environments. Here is my website, that shows some of my work, http://www.hansvet.com/

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