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Your favourite Windlight setting for your Belli home

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What are your favourite Windlight settings for your Bellisserian home?

For the sky, I usually use Sunset:


Or if I want to feel like it is during the middle of the day I use Nam's Optimal Skin and Prim:


I pretty much always leave the water set to [TOR] Meridian verde.

I'd be keen to see what your favourite Windlight settings are for your Bellisserian home.

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I use Nam's also for daily use for decorating, demoing, etc for when I want to see things clearly.  I also like using the day cycles,  SS Atmos 6 is my favorite.  And now I have a new favorite water cause that one looks so nice!  I sometimes will try various ones, especially a bit of fog if I don't want my draw distance high or don't want it too bright.  It just depends on my mood.

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I have my own custom windlight that is 10 entries spread across the day and roughly based on a tweak from the default windlight. I run that in the Day Cycle so it moves through a day to night cycle. I set the water to 'pond' as I've usually lived on rivers and that works well also on the 'green coast / bays' that I am on now.

Historically I have updated it every 2 years... so it is just about time to get busy.

Some random point in the day:


Manually set to 12am:


Manually set to 6am:



Maybe after the next update, I will find a way to share them online somewhere... right now they are start to feel a little dated to me, but my attempts to tweak them have so far made them worse... that basically means that yeah... I am at the point where I need to dig in deep on it.

Before this I had settings that were atmospheric, and a lot brighter... but then I noticed that my avatar, using an African Skin tone, always seemed way to light skinned compared to the ads of skin makers... until I tried looking at myself with default windlight... After that I realized that whatever windlight I used, I wanted the basic colors and darkness similar to default so I would be seeing 'more or less the same thing' as most people...

Years of thinking SL black avatars had a severe case of 'colorism' (a phenomenon in darker skinned communities where they bias against darker people - seen often in Latin America, Asia, and South Asia as well as the USA)... until I looked at them with default windlight... and realized I needed to fix my own settings... 😮


But it's why my windlight "almost" looks like default. Basically I have a little more haze and cloud, so the distance has more 'depth' to it... but I've begun to feel I need more, yet when I try to correct for that I mess up the base colors in closeups... so adjusting...



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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 291 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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