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[Poison Craft] Voice-Text-Cam Hiring WE ARE MAKING SOMETHING DIFFERENT

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Here at Poison Craft You are your own deadly Poison, Choosing correctly. We are the Outcast, The Misfits. We dont seem to fit to the bubble gum pop strips that are all over SL. But I promise you We take in all types of sexy women, Findoms, Femdoms, Goth , alternative, tattooed , kinky , The babygirls etc. I know what its like to not fit in and you cant seem to find a place to where you can call home, this is why Poison Craft has been created for you sexy Darkling women, But We understand even the girl next door cant even seem to fit in! So we take in all types of sexy women. We will NOT judge you , but help you grow, Experienced or NON. We Will help you grow into a better version of your self, as well connect and grow make a new family that is here for one another.

NO composition . We help each other grow and succeed!

Make  Linden turn into real cash!


⛧Mesh Body & head

⛧updated well dressed


⛧Willing to work 






 [POISON CRAFT] Voice Txt Cam  HIRING               
30L-45L Hourly Wage   -  Tips 80% -85%             
DJs Tips100%-  Staff 80%  Tips HW- Managment 85% Tips   


(Pass Your Two Week Trail Get Another week  free)
Friendly Staff/Environment                               
Open Discussions/Class                               
Theme Days 
Monthly Events
Club discount on " Bea Addams" Studio/Photography
Exclusive Girl Benefits
Lead Girl Benefits
PC Girl Monthly with Benefits!

Our Location: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Empire/96/213/2999


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Yes Annabell ~
Staff get them for 100L a week, Outside Advertisers get it for 200L

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