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Storm Clarence


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My favorite French word; written or spoken:  Haute.

Haute Cusine
Haute Couture
Haut Brion :)
inter alia.

I like it large  
I like it classy
As I live large and I live classy, im(haute)o  

In SL I have only encountered:

Haute Boob
Haute Pectoral
Haute Derriere
Haute Biceps
Haute Attitude

Is this because we are not real in SL?  Is this because this game is just a game where 'haute' leveling up does not exist outside of ones avatar presentation?

Don't get me wrong, I like haute boob just as much as the next guy even if it is only pixels.   But. 

Anyway, I was just asking. 



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It is simply because those people either don't know the meaning of the word, or they prefer to ignore it in order to make a word play on "hot", which it somewhat resembles in pronunciation.

Glad to be of service, sir!

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1 hour ago, Storm Clarence said:

I am so sorry Lindal, but I enjoy haute service.  Not faux service. 

Ya try to be nice.  Ya try to turn over a new leaf and start fresh.  Whaddaya get?  A slap inna face with a wet fish.

OK.  Just remember who started it this time, boyo.

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Why don't you enter it into the name change contest?

Storm Haute. Sounds like something the the Germans made in World War 2.

Fauve Haute. Is kind of lyrical.

Lindal Haute. You can change your blog to What is hot by Lindal Haute.

Bree Haute. Sounds like what a karate master shouts before breaking some bricks. 

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