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---> Cheap Lands since 2010

---> Sizes from 2048 sqm up to 1/4 Sim

---> Different type of parcels: Ground, Waterlands, Skylands!

---> Residential and Commercial

---> 10% discount paying monthly the first time, 5% after

---> Fast Support (several agents assisting and max 12-24 hours reply guaranteed in case nobody is online)

---> Full land rights including media and ban

---> More features than regular Mainland properties:

  1. You can rent in a few seconds without even needing someone to assist you, everything is automated and you will get land rights as soon as you pay the rentbox (with regular Mainland rentals you need to wait rental owners to invite you to the land rental group directly, if they are offline you could wait hours or days to start using your land)
  2. You can manage land rights using your rentbox menu, including:
    1. Invite other people to the land group with different rights, such as (Rez, Rez + Media, Rez + Media + Ban, Full rights)
    2. Remove previously invited people from the land group
    3. Request an invite to the land group in case you deleted it
    4. Rent out spaces thanks to the invite/remove system


To check out lands open for rent, visit our office!

Office SLURL:





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