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Weird shadows on avatar's face under eyes?

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Hey, so i have these weird shadows under my eyes in-game. I'm wearing the HEART WIFI / IO SKIN TONE 2 and i have the CalWL window light on

I've never noticed it before and when i initially applied the skin (maybe ten minutes ago?) it was okay for a while until i started playing around with blush. I'm wearing the Genus classic head and i was playing with the genus blush that comes with the HUD. I've tried removing it, but to no avail -- the weird shadows stay.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!

eye shadows.JPG

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I think it looks like your eyeshadow isn't rezzing. If that is a mesh head, use the HUD to turn off the eyeshadow and see if it goes away.

If it is a classic head, remove all your makeup and see if it goes away.

Turn Shadows on and off to see if it is a shadow problem.

There are textures that take forever to rez fully, if they ever do. The Linden and Firestorm peeps use an expensive addon to upload images. So, those images usually rez and fairly quickly. But, other viewers use free open source replacements. Those images can be a problem. We had lots of problems until Firestorm started using the same Kakadu addon as the Lab. Most designers know to upload with either the Lab's or Firestorm's viewer to avoid the problem.

Some images work fine in the open source alternative. Some don't. It is an image by image thing. So, some never realize what is going wrong.

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