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Hey guys, I'm new to SL, and blogging, and wanted to make some new friends that could help with my blog, and hang out with them on SL as well, and just have conversations with ect. I have no clue what im doing but i think i have some great ideas, just need some help bringing them to life. 

i made this blog last night and it talks about what i plan on doing the in future.



I would love for some help promoting, and defining my blog, and me trying to help with ideas for your blogs as well! 

Cannot wait to meet some of you and make new friends ^^ 

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If I were to give the most helpful advice to my new-starting self for blogging as a new resident, it would be this:

  • blog what you love for topics, don be afraid of ‘newbie exploring’ type posts and DO post your early SL impressions
  • ignore the grumblings of jaded people but weigh their actual advice
  • chose 2 font families for the blog and stick to them for the layout and text, (use the fun fonts on the photos and for the signature)
  • learn to take high resolution snapshots
  • learn to use control+ 0, 8 and 9 to get rid of the fish-eye camera effect that SL imposes. 

Good Luck! 🍀 

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