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Sailable Water Parcels & Regions

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On 12/19/2019 at 12:55 AM, Red52 said:

Hello- questions about parcels with Sailable Water & Regions: 1) Is Sailable Water only available on Mainland or Private Islands?; 2) Why is Sailable Water not allowed on Estate parcels?; 3) How many different Regions are there in SL?; 4) Is there a list somewhere that shows all of the names of the Regions?  Thank you!

Sailing is the most fun! If you look on the World Map, you can tell the difference between the "void" ocean (I call it the edge of the world) where you cannot sail, and the lakes and rivers, where you can sail (if owner allows or it is on Mainland "Protected Water" rivers or seas). If buying, be sure to check this out - you want to front your parcel on Protected Waters.

To test areas, you can usually find a REZ AREA to get out your own boat and be sure the path is clear (watch for Ban lines and private land that looks like it is open, protected water.

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On 1/23/2020 at 11:31 AM, Red52 said:

Thanks for info, Dean, but not looking to sail them.  Was asking because looking for possible parcels to rent that aren't listed in Search features.

Red, here's how I find land that's next to sailable areas...

  1. Use Search.  Choose Land and Rentals.  Select View All Land And Rentals. Set parameters to "for rent".
  2. Type "waterfront" in the keywords box at the top of the Search window.
  3. Note the results.  For parcels that look interesting, view them on the World Map.
  4. See if the parcel is adjacent to areas of navigable water, not just the flat blue texture of Void.
  5. If the waterways look constricted on the map, visit the land, and physically check the proposed sailing route(s).
    1. Make sure the waterway is LL-owned land (if on Mainland)
    2. Travel the proposed route(s) by boat, plane, or simply flying, checking for security orb warnings or ban lines.
    3. If it's an estate, check the Covenant to make sure waterways are to be kept clear

I hear that the Fruit Islands are now only letting their tenants sail there.

The FairChang estate has sailable regions, and is located adjacent to the Blake Sea.  That may be worth a look.  Also the Cape Cod regions, in the same general area.

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