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IceCast inworld stream help please

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I am using VDJ2020 and i got the proper setup and i can hear my icecast stream from my browser and others can hear it from their browser. But I can't get the stream to play in SL on my rental property. I went into parcel details, Sound tab and put in the correct music URL but nothing plays in world what am I missing?

Here is the link just to show you it's working!


Not sure if its a setting within SL not allowing shoutcast servers or something else on my end but as stated if you click that link you should be able to hear in your browser

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I think you need to use the server address and not the .com for it to work..

I know that if I add a station to my land ,I can't use the page the station is on,but the server address itself..

I usually have to take a station into winamp to get the server address from info, before it will let me use it on my land..

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