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Looking for some new friends for our Wedding and beyond

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Hello there! 

I´m at SL for many years now and i am on my way to marry soon. For this Marriage i´m looking for Groomsmen and Bridemates for me and my little divine Lady. So unfortunatly i've got not that many friends on my active buddylist anymore. 😞

Heres something about us, so i´m Flitzepeter Swindlehurst and i´m 35 years old, straight, male from munich Germany and Photographer. And she is Lorem Ipsum 30, female from Sao Paulo Brazil and she´s a Musician.

So i try to find excactly you for joining us at this very special Date. The Marriage would be on Saturday, January 25th 2020 at 11 pm till 1 am(UTC+1)

Maybe we can meet us in somehow, just to know each other, hang out a bit and just having fun doin some stuff like exploring and playing games (like Paintball, Horseriding, Surfing etc.). So maybe you´ve interessted in hang out with us and hopefully be friends at the end of the day. 

Well, you´re looking for some new friends? We appreciate that! Here we are! 🙂

Reach me and just IM to me or Loren InWorld anytime if you want or simply reply to this thread. Don´t hesitate 😉
We are looking forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards

Flitzepeter Swindlehurst & LorenVixen :)

Loren and me 2.png

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I just wanna throw this out here, you might wanna consider just having a special moment for the two of you, exchange vows, do some pictures and just enjoy yourselves.

Because think of the alternative, you are gonna bring in people you'll barely know to a very intimate setting, how exactly are you gonna entertain them? Are you gonna have a DJ there? And don't say either you or your bride can do that, you won't be able to multitask that and even if you do, do you really wanna spend that day focus on entertaining strangers? Not to mention they will have little or nothing to add, it's not like they will have stories of either of you to tell so at best you'll be talking about things neither of you were there for.
Now think, why do you even want them there in the first place? To have an event with some people that will mark a special occasion? But how are they gonna add to that? They're not, and things will get awkward really quick at which point you'll just wanna leave and likely not talk to them much ever again, are the pictures you might take in a group really worth all that?
Managing to get a sizable group there would be ideal, because then they would mingle among themselves, but odds are you'll get 2 or 3 there at best, which will be a very small number and make everything even more awkward.

Trust me there is nothing wrong doing a ceremony where is just the two of you, in your head you might think it's a sad thing to do but it can be a lot more special than having some friends there, let alone strangers.

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Well thanks for you´re Thoughts Dean. And i think you´re damn right to say that a wedding also can be cool with just the two of us. Thats right.

As it stands there, we´re NOT ONLY looking for people because of our wedding.
And yes there will be a DJ and everything, we´ve got a weddingplanner, but thats just by the way...
I was Offline for nearly 6 Years, so my buddylist was quite offline. 
Now i don´t think that theres anything awkward to add people to the buddylist and be friends. it´s quite a long time till the wedding and we can meet each other and hang out sometime, so that in the end we know them, we met them sometimes before.
It´s not at all about taking photos than giving people hands to join us, in a positive way it can be pretty cool to go to a wedding. I would never see this as an awkward thing. 
But i see you´re mindset is about meeting total strangers in a intimate setting, on a wedding... thats not what we´re gonna do.

This post is long enought in front of the wedding, so that we have enought time to meet each other and share some time.

Its not wrong to announce that we will invite people to our wedding we know. And it´s not wrong at all for people with less friends to start such a post. I think what you´re sending is the wrong message to all lonesomes out there. And i will say that its not at all about taking pictures... Its about making friends. 

And thats what we gonna do here. 

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 496 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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