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My ideas for a board game, need comments and feedback.

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Background: I recently took a class that challenged us to make a board game as a learning activity. (Making games wasn't the point of the class but rather as a means to teach project management methodology. Still I was inspired to create a board game idea of my own.)

Basic Objective: Get your player piece to the finish point before anyone else!

How many players: Ideally 2-6, but more could play if needed. This is constrained by the number of individual player pieces.

What kind of board is used: The board used has 20-30 (or more) spaces that has at least a start and finish point (board geometry could be linear or a loop.)

Start of the game: Simply decide who gets what player piece (they can represent different colors and objects.) Determine the turn order (probably by a dice roll.) Put all the player pieces on a starting point.

What happens during each turn: There are two types of things you can receive at the beginning of each turn, and three types of actions.

What you can receive each turn:

4 consumable tokens: These are mainly used to advance along the board. Consume one token per space you move. These can also be saved to use for future use (such as purchasing an effect on the shop spaces.)

Action Card: Instead of tokens, the player can draw a random action card from a deck. The action cards have a variety of effects that can give you an advantage (or even disadvantage) over other players in the game.

What you can do each turn:

Advance your player piece along the board: Again, you consume one token per space you move (forward or back.)

Use an action card: Use a card from your hand to perform a various action (will be detailed below.)

Nothing: You also have to option to wait and save your cards or tokens.

Events (spaces):

Starting point: Where players start.

Finish Point: Where players want to get to first in order to finish the game.

Shop Spaces: These rare spaces allow you to trade consumable tokens for a variety of effects, such as:
-switching positions with another player
-switch turn order
-stop a player from moving for one turn
-steal token from another player
(and even more effects!)

Events (Action Cards): Once played and discarded during a turn, they also have a variety of effects.
-gain a number of tokens
-steal tokens
-cause a player to stop
-switch player position
-switch turn order
(and more!)

In some cards, you can challenge your opponent through a mini-game such as rock, paper, scissors, coin flip, or dice roll to either have an advantage or disadvantage in the race!

Overall, this a general idea of the game and I wanted to post it here so I can get comments and feedback on it.

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14 hours ago, Desiree Moonwinder said:

I think Monty Python had a race like this in their movie, "The Meaning of Life."   Depending on the humor of your intended audience, if you want an edgy game you could call the pieces gametes.  If you need two teams, there are more specific names for the two sides of the race. 

Thanks for the response! I appreciate it! That makes sense!

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 1264 days.

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