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How do i go about selling my sim?

Amyy Acer
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I ordered a Sim for a business and its not taking off so i was wondering how you sell one? its a full sim 15000. The payment is due on the 22nd. If i sell before then am i still charged? or is the payment for the month already used? Where do i list it and how do i get it out of my name to transfer it?

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To sell a private island your best bet is to post it in the forums (here) to let people know it's up for sale. I think you can also take out an in-world ad with the Lindens ad system and maybe even put it in the Marketplace now.

To actually sell it to someone, both you and the buyer create tickets identifying the sim and the purchase price (in either USD or L$). The two tickets must identify the same sim and the same purchase price as well as reference each other.

The Lindens take about 2 weeks to actually process the request (depending on how much work they have). They transfer the money between the two accounts, take their cut, and change the ownership.

If the Lindens complete the transfer before your tier due date, then you don't pay the next tier. If they get to it after your next tier due date, then  you do pay the tier.

Here's the Linden support page on transferring private regions. http://community.secondlife.com/t5/English-Knowledge-Base/Managing-private-Regions/ta-p/700115#How_do_Private_Region_transfers_work.3F

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