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Kyle Burum

Looking for role play

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My boyfriend and I are looking to join a role play community. We're tired of finding empty sims, or sims with a handful of people who won't welcome us. 
We tried role playing in the Final Fantasy VII sim, and didn't really enjoy it and it seemed pretty much abandoned except for a small clique and then we tried 
the Crack Den, but we didn't feel very welcome there and people were metaplaying and powergaming.  We're open to fantasy, urban, and willing to try pretty
much everything. I personally would love a family community because I would love to start a family with him and live in a cute little house with some kids 
running around but like I said, we're both open to whatever and just looking to be welcomed somewhere. 

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Playing the devil's advocate here, Crack Den being one of the largest (and oldest) RPing communities attracts all kinds of players, if some are meta or powergaming that surely isn't something everyone there would do I think, at least it didn't used to be. What made you feel like you weren't very welcomed there by the way?

There's one thing you should understand, long term roleplay is something a lot of people will prefer, but the problem is lining up schedules. Even if you have a very consistent online presence it is very hard to line up the planets and get consistent roleplay. So for that reason most people won't be very invested into someone new that comes to a community, because odds are they won't see much of them.
Hypocritically these same people will complain about the lack of new players or roleplay in general, and when someone knocks on their door they just don't answer...
Another thing you should consider, because you have a partner that will be off putting to a lot of people. Most people like their roleplay to have two or three characters max per scene, ideally two, that is because if you take say 3-5 minutes to post you are looking at 6 posts yourself, and 6 posts from the other player for an hour worth of RP... with three players that is 4 posts each, likely less because stuff happens.
Roleplay is a massive time investment, one that like I have mentioned previously will likely go no where since you'll only meet the same people a handful of times.

It wasn't always like that, early days of Crack Den that place was a skybox, a road in the sky, it had a police station, a medical center and a crack house, ence the name Crack Den.
Back then RP was a lot more loose, one-liner even but that style lend itself to amazingly fast pace so you actually felt like you were writing a story.
These days a lot of people equate going over the character limit as a sign of good writing, which is just isn't. I can describe as good as the next guy the fluid dynamic of a drop of water rolling down a chilled glass that is sitting on a table outside a coffee shop in a warm summer afternoon while a pigeon flies over head, gun metal grey the color of the tips of its feathers.
There is a time and place for such eloquent and detailed narrative, most people on that level can't seem to understand it isn't all the time and all they are going is bogging down the pacing to a post every 15 minutes.

Now since I'm ranting, let me give you my views on fantasy roleplay settings. Don't. Really, do not get into that.
The problems with those is, the very nature of the theme is vague and loose. Take vampires for example, seems straight forward enough right? Except as soon as you start thinking about it there are a million flavors of vampires and everyone is gonna wanna play their own tune. If the sim rules are too strict people will get upset and leave, so most sims will just let people do what ever.
That brings us to hybrids... all bets are off with hybrids when it comes to individuals picking their abilities and skill sets.
Last but not least, original races. Yeah when you see one of those it really is time to open the door and get out. They will likely be the last surviving member of a race that was incredibly amazing at doing things, more often than not those things they were amazing at was killing other things, yet somehow they got themselves extinct... that doesn't matter because this last one surviving member is the bomb and the only weakness they have is... when they get upset they become even more powerful...

Now because I don't want you to leave here losing all hope in humanity, for what you describe I believe the best fit for you would be a living community. These aren't necessarily roleplay, or in some cases the roleplay takes a back seat. Dare I mention Bellisseria? You can look for a family friendly place that has community activities, there is also adoption agencies, you can look into those.

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