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Issues unpacking some Blueberry clothes

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Go to somewhere you can rezz like a sandbox, if you type sandbox in to world map a whole bunch will come up go in to your inventory rezz the items on the ground right click > open to unpack them to your inventory then you can safely delete the stuff you rezzed. Not all products come in HUD's or worn packaging that includes some sort of unpacker script

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Did you buy the items from Blueberry directly from their Gacha machines? I know those items were from a while ago.

Or did you purchase from another person on the Marketplace for instance?

If you got it from the store, do as Claireschen mentioned. Most likely because it's an older item it does need to be rezzed on the ground. If not - give it a day or so for a response Blueberry is an extremely popular place and I'd think they get a lot of various requests  and they could be backlogged. It's a busy time of year as we're in holiday season. 



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15 hours ago, Courtney Margulies said:

I recently bought a few Blueberry outfits (leather catsuit, boots, dress) from the Energy line. These clothes are found upstairs in Blueberry, in a “game”

I’ve attached it to try to unpack it, but no luck.

I’ve sent blueberry a notecard asking for help, but no response yet.

Any suggestions?


Yes the Sandbox is your saviour. 

Just drag to the ground and the box or bag will rezz, right click to open and save to your inventory. Sometimes you'll get a pop up top right. If so check it's the item and click accept.

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