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Arilia Noriega

Moving by holding mouse on avatar name

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I've been away from SL for a few months, and when I got back, I noticed something changed about a particular movement option.

Holding down the left mouse button on one's avatar or name used to give over-the-shoulder, third-person style controls:

WASD - move the character
Mouse - look around


Now it does this:

WS - move forward/back
AD - turn left/right
Mouse horizontal axis - turn left/right
Mouse vertical axis - nothing

This is basically useless. Any idea where the option is to change this back? I'm on Firestorm 6.3.2. I didn't find anything in the preferences, so I'm wondering if it's in the Debug Settings. I tried google searches, but only found basic wasd/mouselook info, not anything about this specific problem.

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in Firestorm then:

menu: Avatar \ Preferences \ Move & View \ Movement \ Pressing letter keys affects movement: = [tick on]


menu: Avatar \ Preferences \ Move & View \ Movement \ Single click on land: = [No action]


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