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Looking for lakefront, at least 1K+ prims on Adult or Moderate land

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Hello! I am currently looking for a lakefront homestead with a view of the mountains for my boyfriend and I to share. Some of the things we are looking for:

  • 1K+ prims
  • 4096 sqm, but will view larger sizes
  • Privacy from neighbors
  • Prefer adult region, but will view moderate sims as well
  • If a home is already on the parcel, it should be unfurnished

Please let me know if any rentals fit the bill and I'll come check it out! Thank you 😊

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Hello Copper,


I think this island should meet most of your expectations.

http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Dreamworld SW/30/197/22


Ocean/lake front

Sunset views

Privacy from neighbors

Surrounded by mountains

Full landscaping possible

You can build the house that you wish on your island, it is not needed to follow a theme.

1250 prims

Privacy feature, nobody can see or hear you when you are on your island.


When you have more questions contact me directly in world.

Count Burks

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When you wish to have more mountain views it is possible to place a sim surround in front of your island to even more enhance your views on mountain landscapes.

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