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Roary McGillivary

The "Baltic Square"

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Ever look at the MAP and wonder What is at this region with the HUGE underwater square? Maybe the owner just decided to make it lower than the rest of the land? WELL your close, sorta. Being a Mermaid I explore a lot of underwater in SL this happens to be one of the many places, it is so easy to over look. What you will find there is a HUGE labyrinth created by the Abnor, Mythic, Crazy and Silent Mole. You will first want to find the ship wreck with the temple ruin entrance. Purchase the Ball of twine just before you enter, it will be very helpful.  http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Baltic/129/255/11  There's your water taxi have fun, this message brought to you by the Bellisseria Merfolk. 

Baltic Square 11_30_2019_020 Abnor, Silent, Mythic, Crazy Moles.png

RO 12_1_2019_001.2.png

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