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would you like your children to play second life?..

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To anyone who thinks forbidding your kids from doing something and expecting them to obey cause you said so, that is not parenting skill, that is dog training and it does not work. Your kid will either lie to you or even worse, obey and grow up into a human without skills needed to successfully navigate the real or virtual world. 

If someone is over 18, they are legally allowed and expected to make their own decisions so in that sense what their parents think about their games, friends, style, views it just that,  an opinion. This is where 18 years of raising them comes to play, if you did a good job your relationship with your children should  allow you to have a straight forward and honest conversation/debate on any topic possible without either of you feeling uncomfortable or god forbid fear from judgement and rejection.

My adult daughter has a SL account, I made sure to tell her about all aspects of this place, I`d rather she knows what she is dealing with and what all she may encounter while in here....that approach made it less interesting for her to explore but even when she did look around, we shared a few ridiculous stories, had a few laughs and that was it...Her focus is on 3D/texturing etc and SL gives her unique opportunity to test her work in game environment, however even if that was not the case, even if she was into sex part or whatever, she has every right to be and would get zero judgement from me. She is over 18 just as I am, why would SL (sex or not) be ok for me and not for her? 

Also SL TOS are clear on what age is allowed and if any restrictions apply to a certain age group and I think they did a good enough job. I wish ppl would stop blaming the internet, games, entertainment and sex in industry and scary strangers for their lack of communication and poor parenting...It is your job to make your kid aware of what all is out there and actually teach him/her how to deal with all that (and no I don`t mean give them a list of rules), the worst thing one could do is put their kid under a glass bell so once they end up leaving and try adulthood on their own, they are just utterly unprepared...this applies to RL as well as SL or any social platform there is..

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