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Question about connecting rl and sl

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Dunno if this is the right forum, but am just gonna ask my ask in the hopes of being directed to the right forum or being answered.  Was just wondering if one could experience SL through oculus or any of the other vr glasses and is it possible to connect xcite x4 genitals of one's avi to one's actual physical body in rl.  Thanks


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For a time LL had been working on interfacing the viewer with VR headsets/glasses but gave up on it. The FPS presented by the viewer was making those who tried it out nauseous. There was a bit of news a few months back that a TPV had again picked up the VR viewer and was working on it but I have not heard how successful the project has become.

As for the RL sex toys, a few years back there were a few brands that offered RL accessories that plugged into USB ports on your computer, but the experience of those that tried it was not very good. Supposedly lots of network lag between the on-screen happenings and what was eventually sent to the body. I have no idea if anyone has improved upon it since but I suppose some searching on remote toys may turn up something.

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Thank you so much for this Dillidallagio.  Really appreciate it.  Thanks for answering my questions completely.  Keeping fingers crossed that things might progress in the near future.  Have a nice day.

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is maybe one time where lag could get quite exciting. Like:

bffwb: <click>
bffwb: anything?
me: no
bffwb: <click> <click>
bffwb: now?
me: not yet no
bffwb: <click> <click> <click> <click> <click> <click> <click> <click> <click> <click> <click> <click> <click> <click>
bffwbb: now?
me: no sorry
bffwb: stupid thing. Anyways I has to log now. I see you tomorrow
me: k then. tomorrow. kisses

sometime later chatting to another friend who is into faux-intellectualism what they read off the back of a cereal box. But they have a really smexy voice so we don't mind their faux

fifiwsv: cupidity is a minimal exposition of and is closely allied with the cooptation of disciplinary boundaries and the epistemology of modern sextuality which does help to further our understanding of meaningful disposition. Which may be seen as the analyzed non-arbitrariness of the observations between two people. Furthermore the articulation of the tension between hope and acceptance also contributes much that can be interesting. Which in many ways parallels the illusion of organicism and the fantasy of metaphoric substitution which is not an expository action in the usual sense, but more an uncritical polyphony
me: (in squeaky voice) eep! oh! wow!
fifiwsv: beams
fifiwsv: you totally get me
me: (in strangled voice) i do. i ever so do
fifiwsv: thank you! you are such a kind person
me: (slumps in my chair) i love listening to you


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