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saving my appearance


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@maliavega,  what exactly are you doing?  Hmm, never mind that.  I'll list the steps I use, and you can see if you are doing something different.

SCENARIO ONE.  I want to change my clothes and hair and such, and save the results for later re-use.  I am wearing a classic body and head (not mesh).

  • If using the Firestorm viewer, click the "Worn" tab.  Right click and Detach, or Remove from Current Outfit, all clothes, shoes, jewelry, hair.  Right click and Take Off any clothing layers, tattoo layers, and alpha mask layers.  If using the standard viewer, look in the Current Outfit folder in inventory, and do all of these steps there.
  • Find the clothes I want in my inventory, right click and Add them.  If they have alpha mask layers, Add those too.
  • Find a hairstyle.  Right click and Wear, or Add it.
  • If I want to change my makeup, I'll usually do it now.  Find and Wear a skin choice.  If I want further refinements, find and Add makeup tattoo(s).
  • Add jewelry.
  • If I'm using them, Add mesh hands, feet, associated alpha layers.  Add a manicure HUD, select a color that complements my clothes or makeup.
  • Finally, when everything is assembled, right click my avatar and choose Appearance/Edit Outfit.  Click the little arrow next to the SAVE button, and choose SAVE AS.  Name the new outfit and save.

SCENARIO TWO.  Same goal as the previous scenario, but I'm wearing a mesh body and/or head.

  • Remove all clothes, hair, alpha masks, etc, as before.
  • Find my Body Parts/Mesh Body/Wear Me folder (which I created previously to organize things).  Right click and Add the contents, which is my mesh body, full body alpha mask, and HUD.
  • Do the same for my mesh head.
  • Add clothing, hair, jewelry as above.
  • Use the HUDs and/or appliers as needed to add skin, makeup, lingerie, tattoos to the mesh body and head
  • Final step is the same as in the first scenario.

SCENARIO THREE.  I want to actually change my shape.  I'm wearing a classic body and head.

  • Take off all clothing layers, hair, mesh body parts, and all attachments.
  • Right click my avatar, choose Appearance/Edit Shape.
  • Adjust the Appearance sliders as desired until I'm happy with my new shape
  • Click SAVE AS and give my shape a new name.  NOTE:  If your shape was not created by you, it may be No Modify.  In this case, you can't use the sliders to change it and you can't use the SAVE AS function either.  If this is the case, start with some other shape that IS modifiable.  I suggest the free "Standard Sizing" shapes available on the Marketplace.

SCENARIO FOUR.  I want to change my shape, but I am wearing a mesh body and/or head.

  • Take off everything except the mesh body and head, and the full body alpha mask layer.
  • Right click your avatar, choose Appearance/Edit Shape.
  • Adjust the Appearance sliders as before.  You'll find that some of the sliders will have no effect, although they are not grayed out, and can be moved.  Don't worry.  Mesh heads and bodies don't respond to some sliders, that's normal.
  • Click SAVE AS, just as in the previous scenario.  NOTE:  If you are wearing one of the LL "starter avatars" you may not be able to change the body, or save it as a new shape.  Use a modifiable shape, and a modifiable mesh body/head.
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