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Lots of Positions! Drs, Nurses, DJs, RPers, BeYou, & More! Endless Infinity Clinic is for you!

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Endless Infinity Clinic is hiring! Please come on board with us! We are a fully roleplay based immersive clinic striving for the best possible Maternity Care for moms, families, and pediatrics (prim & real) in Second Life! We are also looking for partners who will let us advertise at their business which those partners will have a 1 L$ ad-board (paid by EIC owner) at our location! IM RaidenRose or contact on here for more info!

∞ Working for us ∞
∞ Paid Work
∞ Staff Incentives
∞ Lots of Opportunities
∞ Small Staff

∞ Requirements to be Hired ∞
∞ Discord
∞ Gmail
∞ Room for up to 2 Groups in-world (depending on position)
∞ Roleplay Experience (3+ Months, paragraph & medical rp is a bonus)
∞ Real-Life Experience (Optional)
∞ Friendly Customer Service Oriented Demeanor

What we are looking for:
∞ Counselors
∞ Doctors
∞ Midwifes
∞ Nurses
∞ Receptionists
∞ Lamaze Instructors
∞ Baby Shower Coordinators
∞ Baby Shower DJs
∞ RP Attendants (Spa & Dinners)
∞ Photographers
∞ Videographers
∞ BeYou Doctors
∞ BeYou Pharmacists

Fill out the form below to apply! Please do not contact us to ask about your application via in-world or facebook, we will get to you within 24 - 48 hours, sometimes sooner!



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