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shoe modeling and texturing help

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I'm looking to model shoes for the male avatars but I'm not too big on video tutorials (i have astigmatism irl so i can't squint at the screen long) so I prefer step by step picture guides with directions but sadly those don't exist (i've searched high and low). I want to learn but I feel no one would take the time out to teach or tell me their process. If anyone has any shoe modeling and texturing experience and guides they would like to share it would be much appreciated.

software being used: Blender

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Unfortunately, written tutorials with pics and step by step explanations are currently seen as old fashioned and practically nobody makes them anymore, because that is way more time consuming and as an artist, busy with their own projects and such, that is not feasible. However, if you look me up on YouTube, I have a Playlist called let's build where I make a pair of boots. I use Maya but, for what that count, the process is the same in any modeling suite. You'll just have to transpose the tools over to Blender and you'd be able to follow... In the end, extrude tool is the same, multicut is the knife tool, smooth subdivision is subsurf in blender... Not really much of a difference. 

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