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Dress Up


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I love Seond Life a lot but there is one thing that really bothers me. Dressing up. For me it's really hard to dress my avatar up without seeing the picture of clothing before choosing to wear it. I mean I think it's cool that you can choose to attach or detach sleeves, skirts etc. but I have a hard time finding what I want and wearing it. If you could possibly put specific pictures of the clothes rather than just a shirt or pant symbol I think that not only I but lots of other users would be VERY greatful! Besides that Second Life has been awesome and I can't wait to see the new updates you add!

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Hi Wesli,

Even though it would be impossible for LL to do what you are requesting, there are ways you can do it yourself.

Some creators include a texture in the folder with the outfit that is a picture of the complete outfit that you can use for reference. If there is not one supplied by the creator, you can put on all the parts of the outfit and take a snap shot of yourself and then put that snapshot into the outfit folder, so that you can easily check what is in the folder.

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Besides Peewee's great suggestions for pictures, I usually rename the folders for my clothing items to something that will remind me what it is- like red skirt with blk belt by designer name.  I also sort my clothes into sub folders like Pants- then jeans, slacks and pant outfits. Dresses- Evening Wear, Skirts. Tops- Tees, Sweaters, Blouses. Shoes- heels, boots, flats,  etc .  Making subfolders allows me to reduce the number of items I need to condsider when looking for something to wear and the description named folders help to futher narrow the sorting.

Good Luck!

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I recently took pics of every single wardrobe item in my alt's inventory. I planned to combine several pics into one page and upload it so that I could make a catalog of clothing for her. It turns out that having a windows folder full of images works out pretty well as a means of viewing your inventory. I even found some clothes that I had forgotten about.


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I'm really glad you mentioned this Lyra. I had been wondering about sorting into subfolders if people were breaking apart whole ensembles to put tops in one folder and pants in another. 


Since I tend to buy things from particular creators I have it broken down into folders like this:

Shapes & Skins

   - Skins

   - Shapes

   - Makeups

   - Eyes 



   - Boots

   - Heels 


and so on...but my Clothes folder...thats a whole other can of worms! IDK where to start with that! so far i have like folders for the creators themselves! oh its a big mess..

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NIce work Bree!!  /me is jealous :(

I have a 60K inventory that is like a bottomless pit and I end up buying the same outfit multiple times because I have no clue what I have and if I vaguely recall having something I liked and want to wear, the chances of me remembering its name is so slight that I don`t even try anymore lol :D

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I have been going over in my head how to say this because I am not sure what part is giving you problems.  I'll just go through a click by click process for Windows; I know diddly about Mac but it should be about the same.

Create a folder for the pictures.

  • Double-click your user folder on the desktop (it is named the same as your user name that you logged in with)
  • Double-click "Pictures"
  • Right-click in the folder somewhere, chose New > Folder.  Type in a name -- "Clothing" will work -- and hit Enter.

Take snapshots of the clothes in world and save to this folder..

  • Wear the item you want to save as a picture.  If you can take of everything else and only wear the one thing you want photographed it makes the picture less ambiguous but remember your modesty if this is a shared PC.
  • Position your camera to set up a good shot.
  • Click the camera button on the bottom bar to open the snapshot tool
  • Select the "Save to my computer" radio button from the top of the tool.
  • If you do not see the controls for Size, Format, and other check boxes, click "More" button.
  • Select Format to be JPEG.
  • Set Width to 600.  Set Height to 900. (This can be different but I find it is a comfortable portrait shaped photo)
  • Click the refresh button just to the lower left of the preview picture in the tool.
  • Click the down arrow next to the "Save" button and click "Save As..."
  • Browse to the folder we just created earlier.
  • File name: should be similar to the name of the item you are photographing. 
  • Click Save.
  • Repeat as necessary for all items you want photographed.  Note that it costs nothing to save to your computer.

Open the folder and view the pictures saved.

  • Double-click the user folder; double click Pictures; double click Clothes.
  • On the folder's tool bar, click the down arrow next to Views and select "Large icons." You may need to wait a few second while Windows creates the icons and populates them into the folder view.  "Extra Large" Icons will take a bit longer.


That should get you covered.  It might also be a good idea to make separate folders under the main one for different things like you do with your in world inventory.

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"I had been wondering about sorting into subfolders if people were breaking apart whole ensembles to put tops in one folder and pants in another. "


Oh, no!  I did that when I was new in SL & it was the worst mistake I ever made.  You can't ever find a unified outfit again when you do that.  I also lost any pictures that came with the outfits because I didn't have enough sense to save them.   Thankfully, most of my early freebie clothes were pretty ugly anyhow, so I could delete the stray pieces without losing nice outfits.

When we're new in SL, we doesn't realize how much nice clothing is available free or very cheap.  We all start collecting items because we think we might use them someday,  Then they sit in our inventories collecting figurative dust & lagging us down.  By the time we learn to be more selective, our inventories are over 20,000 & we don't know how we'll ever get them sorted out & fully usable again.

Start with good sub-folders in your Clothing, Landmarks & Objects folders.  Try to keep your primary folder list as short as possible, so you can see all of it in one glance, but give each folder some sub-folders & some sub-sub-folders.  Think about how you really use your inventory when you decide what kind of sub-folders to have. For instance, you might have  Dresses -> Gowns, Casual Dresses, Gothic, Short & Sexy.  You might subdivide your clothing folders by the style of clothing as well as by whether it's a dress or pants outfit.

As has been stated above, keep pictures of the clothing & change the folder name so you have some idea what kind of outfit is in it.  I also like to use little * symbols at the front of items that are my favorites, so they'll come up at the top of the list when I search alphabetically.  If I'm naming items to keep similar items together, such as putting the word "Victorian" as the first word, then I put the little * symbol as the last character in the title, instead of as the first.

I sometimes put the name of the creator at the end of the folder title, sometimes at the beginning, & sometimes remove it from the title altogether.  Usually I add qualifiers for the color or style.  For instance: "Black Jeans w/ belt - Nephaline",  "Eastern Empire - Asian (TWA)", or  "+DV8+ Salem Boots (short) - pewter.  Having the name of the item in front & the color behind puts all the same style of a particular item together.  Having the color first helps you find a particular color quickly.


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CTS Wardrobe. It's $699L, and you get the wardrobe HUD as well as a rezzable wardrobe for your home. You get a personal email address specifically for the wardrobe; just take a snapshot of your item and send it to the provided address. When you click the center button of the HUD, you're taken to your personal wardrobe, where you can search items by whatever tag or tags you gave them (blue items, buttoned items, jeans, tops, dresses, whatever). If you have RLV, you can even wear the items straight from the wardrobe, and you choose what detaches, if anything, when each item is worn. You can also wear only parts of an item; for example, if you want to wear a top with prim ties under a jacket, you can choose to wear only the shirt layer of the top, and not the ties, so the jacket looks right when you add it on top.

(I have no affiliation with CTS, by the way; I'm just a fan of the wardrobe! I use it for everything now, although it is a pain at first to get all your items loaded in. You do get a free posestand with tintable backdrop and around 15 poses for taking photos, which helps.)

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Creators of all products should include a photo of the product with the sale. If you are worried about people using it to resell the whole thing, then make the photo no transfer.

But make the photo copyable. Then if the product is also copyable the person can put a photo in any folder they put the product into.

This goes for products, clothes, shoes, boots, hair, skin, shapes...It only cost the creator 10 Lindens ONE time to upload that photo - but you will save your possibly hundreds of customers that much money EACH - and a ton of time and trouble.

Seriously. It's so easy. Creators, INCLUDE A PIC!  :matte-motes-big-grin-wink:

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Including a pic would be a great way for clothing creators to show that they care about their product & their customer.  However, if they're selling cheap or giving away freebies, don't expect a photo. Taking or updoading a picture costs $L 10.  Add to that the time & effort it takes to get a good picture, and for many it's just not worth the trouble.


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