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Dream Girls Gentlemen's Lounge Club Now Hiring For Grand Opening

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Looking for Club workers For Dream Girls Gentlemen's Lounge Grand Opening

  1. You can get the application here https://docs.google.com/document/d/e/2PACX-1vRRuwKJuZ1EtZGxoK2pwbRbhBGqhWm2haoVGJ1MXMN20O2cuz4cz7Sw7uqkJh87D2UBQogljno-5THD/pub
  2. Fill out the application in a notecard and send to me cloexox1992 Resident inworld
  3. Work 5 Hours Mandatory, Work 10 hours per week get free Adboard, Must have Adboard to work at the Club
  4. Greet Clients/Guests and be Sociable with them within the Club
  5. Know how to emote or at least want to learn
  6. Have  a full mesh avatar and be prepared to fill out and application and attach textures of Avatar
  7. Be professional and polite within staff and with Vips Guests clients
  8. have knowledge around a club and know or want to learn to send out notices for VIPS and Invite Vips to Group
  9. Has a friendly manner and can Follow the Rules ~ No Drama Queens Please
  10. We don't mind if you work @ freelance places but prefer you only work with us when it comes to Clubs
  11. Can Voice or Cam verify - This is Mandatory for all staff as we want to make sure our workers are verified
  12. Please only apply if you speak English, Translators do not count.
  13. All staff can set themselves to home at the Club and Staff gets Rezz Rights and other Privileges.
  14. I look forward to hearing from all you wonderful people in the SL world😍

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Hi thanks for your reply looking for hiphop,pop,techno,80s,rap,r&b,dubstep which from these you could play a mix and would not be restricted to one genre, not looking for Classical,death metal,country,opera or any of that *****, do like allot of the current stuff on the charts, so if that suits you would definitely love to have you if you would want to DJ for us 😀  send app to me inworld copy n paste in notecard from google doc link

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