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Therese Tammas

FOR RENT Residential/Commercial- 6,304 sq m sky-land with 1,000 prims, $1,200L/week

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FOR RENT Residential/Commercial- 6,304 sq m sky-land with 1,000 prims, $1,200L/week

Would you be my neighbor? Do you love sailing and driving like I do?

I'm located at Meelwalh, at a unique 6,304 sq m parcel that has:

-Direct (Driveway's literally on the road!) access to Circuit-La-Corse, one of the longest and most interesting roads in SL, on the Corsica Continent
-Direct (right next to my driveway) access to a public rezz zone-- great for extra rezzing or for fueling if you have a car with a picky fuel system
-Direct access to the Coastal Waterways, and an enjoyable 30 minute sail to the Blake Seas

You would:
-Have access to all of these, space to park your boat and car that doesn't count towards your prims, and access to rezzers containing high quality cars & boats
-Have sky-land, with access to 1,000 prims for your use
-Privacy and security (I can provide you with an orb) in the sky

Your sky-land would be the size of the parcel, so awesome if you want to have workshop space or just to spread out your stuff.

The land below is my home and also a (coming soon) public-access beach where people can rezz their car and boat, and you would have access to that too.

If you are a store, I would also put a teleporter at the entrance which advertises your wares! For stores, this land does get visitors as it is "in town" and has the acces routes stated above, which is good for you. Note as this is also my home if you're a store let's discuss details first as well.

This is a sub-let and it would indeed help me keep this land and make my dream of having a gorgeous beach for all come true.

Your rent is $1,200L/wk for 1,000 prims. The only rule I have is that you put your sky land above 1,000 meters above ground level and use common sense/courtesy.

Rentals or land is very rare at this rental range, that has waterway access to Blake, and also to highly prized highway access. If you're interested in being my roommate, please IM me and let's chat! 2764.png❤️



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