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Rand, I have some concerns about poorly placed technical information that may been lost... is there any way or place to review deleted pages? obviously they don't show in history, so I'm kinda hoping they were moved first (I don't know offhand, is there a log page?)

even making them available for a limited time so they could be archived or combed through for relevant bits by interested residents would be a blessing.

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The deletion log shows all pages deleted from the wiki: https://wiki.secondlife.com/w/index.php?title=Special:Log&limit=500&type=delete.  This will let  you see the titles, at least.  If you identify specific articles that you think might have had valuable technical or historical information, I can restore the content for review.  The deletion script ran on May 6; otherwise I deleted the pages individually/manually.

I did review almost all of the articles that were deleted, and I tried not to delete anything of value to the broad community.  It's certainly possible I made a mistake, or overlooked something that should have been kept.  Also, I was told to delete most individual Lindens' user pages (you will have to ask Amanda about that).    In some cases, I copied content to other pages before deleting pages, the idea being to consolidate information to make it easier to manage and find.

I'm alson getting ready to run the script again to delete a bunch of "version" pages: these are pages that contain only a single digit --usually a "1"--that were used by community translators to specify the document version that was translated. (here's an example)  Since the KB is now on Lithium, these are not useful any more, except for a few remaining articles in the "Linden Lab Officla" namespace. They clutter up search and Mediawiki API results to no benefit. See https://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/LLO_version_page_cleanup for a list of the base articles .  Anyway, that's probably more than you or anyone else cares about on that particular topic, and I'm going to discuss this with the community translators before doing it anyway.


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I'll try to review tonight or tomorrow afternoon, and my gratitude for pointing me in the right direction....

my main concerns were mostly information sacked away in user and talk pages for several of the tech and policy lindens, although I was concerned about the Gteam pages in particular, as there may be some policy explanations/expansions that may still be relevant, and I did note some information lost in regards to region type technical limitations that I used point others toward to help them detect region type by behavior but never copied over myself, things like advertising limitations that show up in region flags and what not.

I heartily agree that there is a good deal of content that needed folding into official documents, or no longer relevant clutter (if I had the time to devote to it I'd work on the LSL HTTP Server and related Shared Media pages myself because they're a scattered mess) so I just want to say that the efforts you are going to are still much appreciated, and unenviable =)

I know nothing about the translation projects, so can't really comment other than to agree that what you said sound perfectly reasonable.

took a quick peek and, oh my... ‎ "(Obsolete or disallowed information re: LL)"... am I right to assume that requests for any of those pages are unlikely to get a response?

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took a quick peek and, oh my... ‎
"(Obsolete or disallowed information re: LL)
"... am I right to assume that requests for any of those pages are unlikely to get a response?

Thanks for you kind words.  And any help with the wiki is greatly appreciated! 

I will take a look at any and all suggestions and will restore any content of technical or historical value.  I won't be able to restore deleted Lindens' user pages, though, but if there was such info on one of those pages, we can put it somewhere else on the wiki.  The basic idea, I think, is that details on who is/isn't currently an LL employee are private.   As to the rationale behind this, you can ask Amanda.  



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eek, I expected it was due to a policy change, but was not expecting one so ... expansive.

and I'm certainly not looking to make extra work for you, so my apologies.... I'll try to avoid those, although I regret to say that there were at least two on my early list, Blue and Babbage who both tended to be contact points on a great many things.... (although if memory serves Blue kept most of that to office hours), as well as some of the Euro office techs... If' your unable to do anything for those, I understand, and will try other channels as suggested, no reply needed. I should have a quick list by tomorrow morning lab time, but I can't speak for others (I did mention your generous offer in the Off Topic thread, and urged them to be kind). Again my thanks.

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and as promised, my List... I was unable to trace the source of one item, but it may have disappeared before the current set of changes, so I'm not going to worry about it now... there should be a way to test for the information, and when I have the time I'll add it to a more relevant page.

Going over the various logs I can see you've been VERY busy =)

First the list that I doubt will be possible, Linden user / talk pages (mostly tech info, dead projects, and some historical value) I'm only referencing the base page links for ease.
Aimee Linden
Babbage Linden *
Blue Linden
Cory Linden
Infinity Linden
Jack Linden *
(Maestro Linden)
Qarl Linden
Robin Linden [also listed as a article page]
(Soft Linden)
Vektor Linden
Yoz Linden
Zero Linden *

*=Known to have office hours sub pages, some of which may have already been relocated, for instance Zero had some shared media pages that I see are moved
()=Known active Lindens, which might be able to fill in gaps directly, or may affect availability

and so that I might finish on a good note, the second list.

I only found 3 pages offhand that may have some historical or technical value; two I suspect have had technical information folded into other articles (though it's hard to tell)
Linden Lab Official: Details for landowners on migrating to Zindra (historical / previously tried policies)
Linden Lab Official: Marketplace listing guidelines (policy, historical, suspect was folded in)
Other Resources (tech, suspect was folded in)

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OK, here's what I did:



I reviewed all the user pages you listed, and restored the interesting content to https://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/History/Useful_links_from_deleted_pages.  Many of them that you might think would contain good content (e.g. Blue's, Jack's) actually did not.  They just had a brief epigraph or single-sentence statement of what the persons' role was. I also removed template calls that either no longer worked, and other stuff like links to dead unoffiical Twitter accounts.

Note that deleting a user page (eg. "User:Jack Linden"), does NOT affect the subpages, as a search in the user namespace shows.

Hope that helps.


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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 3410 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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