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Any suggestions for urban male AOs?

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Tell us a bit more. How much will you fidget? Will you turn around, look at your watch or stand still when not walking? Have an attitude? Urban can mean a lot.

And while you are looking, try to use this free AO from TuTy. It is one of the best free AOs. I have used it on my male alts.


Just so you have something to wear while looking. If you like it and will keep, you can add single stands. So you don't look just like the others. Buying different animations and make your personal AO is fun. If you use Firestorm, you can drop individual animations, stands, walks, fly... etc. in to the Firetorm Viewer AO.

Try th stores TuTy, Vista and Voir.

Sinse is new for me, but this looks like an AO worth trying. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/SINSE-Jason-AO-BENTO-Small-Version-Motion-Capture-Optical-Series-v2/15571456

Affordable and has a lot of content, even dancing. But what you like is important, not what a review says. So demo it.

Edited to add; Sinse has another 900 L AO, so there you have more to demo!


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2 hours ago, Glovercali said:

it's sooo hard finding things! Any suggestions [stores and/creators] would be awesome. 

I recommend you look up @daiz Papp

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