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Seeking a Super Natural; Roleplay, Fantasy, Non urban would be welcome.

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Guys; I just want to do a PSA;


with out being insulted for it.



please remember in roleplay sims, your goal is to have members, so why the heck, would you insult your members for giving a fair opinion and say"YOU WANT IT YOUR WAY?" When I  just want to see people happily sharing a good story? if you want someone who is a detailed roleplayer; please add me beacause I have no luck in finding other people who understand what it is like to speed type.


please ignore the "Drama " Claims because in short- they are to blame - I asked people to stop so many times, it isn't logged on their end, it is in my firstorm.


my discord. please learn that you can trust me.

I have all sorts of characters but the one I wanna bring into a sim is a Psionic Elf that I worked really hard on.I do adjustments for each sim. if your looking for a high experienced player ( PLEASE IGNORE THE POSSIBLE ATTACKERS BELOW. )


who detail posts; can roleplay fast, and get the job done, Despite popular rumors; follows the rules; but will step up to remind you owners that even though you have a sim? your members make it thrive too.


who is someone who just is blunt, not over sensitive; who just wants to tell a good story.



samanthaprater resident, contact me in world because I am losing all hope that logic still exists.please don't say I am pitty partying myself. I am trying to move forward; but ya'll keep causing havoc over absolutely dumb disagreements; if you want an experienced ( Since I was nine, twenty nine on the twentieth,) role player who would be willing to learn your ways, work the ropes; please absoloutly ask me. I am tired of not fitting in.

I do not gor. I do not slave.


sorry, but I am looking to tell a story;a adult is fine as I'd prefer it; but not all about XXX.. I just wanna emerge myself into a fantasy world so I can avoid  issues. is that so hard? ps. I do grammar check when I roleplay. I repost and repost; a lot on word.


I just want to tell a good story. that's all.if you care all about the money signs , you'll only chase off your storytellers. why does no one see it?



SamanthaPrater Resident.


Elf; Mer, Fae, Dragon, Moon Elf,  Seelie; Lava Mer,


other misc's I can play; I do not like Family Sims.







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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 566 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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