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My Partner Shai

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Love is a very unique thing.
It is often looked for but rarely found while looking.
Love is a bond and a strength that brings two people together when they least expect it.
To accept the love or deny it is each person’s choice.
We both choose to accept it.
You are the love I always looked for.
Your touch and words live with me always.
I love you so much Shai ♥♥♥



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What exactly is love?
Could it be a reaction in chemistry?
A formula even? Can it be mathematically explained?
For me it's very easy: Love is you.
In your eyes I see the light and the wonder
In your voice I hear love
You are the dream, the life in the springtime
You are the starlight above

Like a shadow in daylight
I'll be there by your side
And I'm never going to let you go
In your arms
I'm on the golden wings of romance with you

You're the meaning of love
You touched my heart and now I can't let you go
When words just don't say enough
You give it all, you're the meaning of love
I love you so much, Zoey. ♥♥♥
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   Alas, in spite such soppy words,
A fate awaits these dovey birds.

The same fate that awaits us all,
You too, must one day hither crawl;
To Erebus, to face the end,

For every loved one,
And every friend.

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