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Therese Tammas

We Should be Working Together, Not Against Each Other.

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I am not a fan of drama especially on a game where the idea is we get away from what is negative. 

Probably most people won't have an idea of what I'm talking of, which is okay. But there seems to be one mainland appreciation group complaining against another (not mine, so I'm not upset). But this is not something that makes sense to me.

We should work together, and not against each other. Whether you are for general mainland appreciation or for more specific appreciation of the roads, or whatever it may be- be gentle, be nice, be kind. There is no need to be nasty, send nasty notes, and then have the other party cry and be upset.

This world can be kind and beautiful and full of positivity. I'm choosing it to be, are you?

^.^ In other news, DiscoverMain, your regularly published HUD for awesome in-world mainland destinations, is chugging along but slowly; as, after all, it is my project and my kind of fun. Still look out for an awesome announcement some time between now and after New Year! LMs of awesome places welcome ❤️ 



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