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Raspberry Crystal

World Map Loading Erratically

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Using the latest firestorm viewer so hoping this post is ok for this section.

Sometimes my World Map loads immediately, other times some regions load quickly, others much more slowly.

Zooming in speeds things up some days, other days zooming out, mostly leaving it alone is quicker.

At times random regions never load, even if I leave the map on my screen for an hour and walk back later.

There is some correlation with perceived lag inworld of other things, but occasions when the map is lightning fast and everything else is greyed out, and the reverse happens also.

I am struggling to work out what is going on, and if there is anything i can do to speed up WM loading, or is this just how it is?

Any tips or insights welcome.


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If you haven't already. try experimenting with your "Bandwidth" setting. The long established "good" has always been about 1500, though I get better (faster) results at 1024. The SL Map (as far as I know) also pulls its images from a different place than inward textures, so I'm not sure how much that would be affected. I agree, sometimes there's a weird delay them they all just but in (like the map as barfing up the images LOL) Sometimes it this section at once, then that section, etc.

Though I've discovered turning *down* my bandwidth setting has improved in-world texture loading, I'm not that certain it affects the mp, it could just be a placebo effect, but it doesn't;t hurt.

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