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Development Team [Rigger, Texture, Advertiser&Photographer Spots OPEN]

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Available Spots

  1. Mesher Developer: Alexacroft
  2. Mesh Model Rigging Developer:
  3. Texture Developer:
  4. Advertiser & Trent Researcher:

I am interested in people who are specialized in the spot they are applying for. The profits will also be split 4 ways as well(25% each) at the 1stof each month. We will be going for 1 releases/week.

Roles expectation and work load:

  • Mesh Developer: Creating high detail model of the product, Optimized Game model & UV Mapping
  • Mesh Model Rigging Developer: Rigging & Adjusting Optimized Game Model to bodies to fit and work with alpha layering for each body and not clip though the body or itself.[Autodesk Maya or Blender]
  • Texture Developer: Creating high quality textures from scratch ( no copyrighted images ), [Adobe Suit, Substance painter]
  • Advertiser & Trend Researcher: Advertise the new products and the store in popular places such as Flickr, facebook, etc. Finding out what's in trend in terms of fashion, trends are on facebook, instagram, twitter, fashion websites. Not only real world but Anime, Movies, Animals, etc and inform the rest of us as soon as trend starts so we can get to making a release quick to catch the trend explosion.You will also have to make product photos/cover that look good and keep it to a minimum with editing on the product itself. [Adobe Suit]

Everyone applying will be tested though discord share screen to prove they know what they are doing and are specialized in the spot they are looking to fill and that they can work fast enough to meet the 1 product release per week. We will be selling this products not only on secondlife but also on stock sites from which the profits will also be split 4 ways as well(25% each) at the 1stof each month

Those interested please fill out the following application and send a notecard in world @ Alexacroft Resident

  • Role:
  • Software:
  • Experience/Portfolio:
  • Expectations: 
  • Secondlife legacy name:
  • Discord Username:

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