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Goodmorning everyone, 

I am Maxence Zepp, I am a young businessman in Real Life and I wish to extend my abilities in Second Life, where dreams became true. 
I wish to develop a Magical-Combat HUD, in order to create a complete RPG world. 

That's why I am looking for PROFESSIONAL Scripters. At first, mostly for estimations. 

You can contact me at : labatonnerie.secondlife@gmail.com
ZEPP Maxence. 

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I would not hinge dreams on development in SL so easily.

SL is notoriously over a decade behind the standards of other MMO's and even further behind on game creation tools than what you can do with Unity or Unreal.

LL has not advanced their script library in the last 6 years outside of adding functions for major features, like materials, experiences and animesh and projects are ALWAYS released incomplete or needing follow-up work that may or may not ever come.

A majority of the work over the last few years has been strictly on backend while work on major features is handled by developers juggling other work, dragging out said feature work, 18, 21, 28 months at time.

Bottom line, when engaging with whoever is interested in helping you, lay out everything you want to achieve in detail and verify what can and can't be done, what is and isn't possible.

Many people have come into SL with huge ambitions only to be majorly let down with either the lack of features/capabilities to achieve their goals or if land is required, the realization of just how expensive tier fees or private island costs can be.


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If you're looking to commission a scripter (or even get an estimate on what a potential job would cost) you really should be posting in either the Inworld Employment forum, or the Wanted forum.

The LSL Scripting forum is geared more towards discussions of scripting tips/techniques/questions/etc between people writing their own scripts. If you were looking to write your own combat HUD and needed suggestions or guidance, then this would be the place to ask - but you'd need to be much more specific with what you where having problems with.

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